Good Nature Traps

My Good Nature A24
My Good Nature A24

July 23 2014
Installed Good Nature A24 trap

August 6 2014
3 strikes recored no dead rats nearby

September 6 2014
5 strikes recorded no dead rats

November 5 2014
Replaced lure in trap

December 3 2014
Still says 5 strikes, replaced gas canister, tested (6 strikes)

December 10 2014
Gas canister says 7 strikes, no dead rat

December 17 2014
Gas canister says 9 strikes, still no dead rats

Good Nature Test Results

Early test correlates strikes more closely with canister replacement than lure replacement. Bodies may be removed by other predators, tho disposed bodies from other traps on this line tend to stay around. Strike counter checked weekly.

January 23 2015
Gas canister says 11 strikes, 1 dead rat!
Dead Rat

19 September 2015
Reset lure and new canister 3 weeks ago, 3 recorded kills – two rats and one mouse body lying on the ground! So awesome.

13 November 2016
I have had a look at my last two seasons of data and the A24 trap is outperforming my victor rat traps at 4 kills to one just based on the body counts. If I counted strikes (assuming bodies were being removed) then it might be even eight times more effective.

Great product, definitely worth the extra money. Go buy one.