The mussel line

Marine restoration is a lazy business. All you have to do is stop fishing an area and marine ecosystems heal themselves. However this is not the case with green-lipped mussels in New Zealand. 100’s of square kilometres of sub-tidal mussel beds were fished to extinction in each harbour around New Zealand. The industry collapsed and […]


The population of any given species needs to be strong enough to handle destructive natural and made made events. Without this resilience one event can wipe a species of the face of the planet forever. In New Zealand our rarest endemic breeding bird is the New Zealand fairy tern. With a population of only 40 […]

An explorer in a land of herps: discovering lizards in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Book recommendation: This book by a NZ adventurer and herpetologist is awesome. It’s a refreshingly honest collection of great adventures and scientific discoveries. I throughly enjoyed Tony’s detailed descriptions of New Zealand’s treasures, his passion is inspirational. I really appreciated him sharing the highs & lows of what has been an outstanding career… so far. […]

Save Our Reserves

I have started work helping New Zealanders keep their Parks and Reserves. Building and Construction Minister Dr Nick Smith says that we have to “choose between using land for houses or cows”. This is ridiculous – saying our reserves are for cows is like saying Eden park is for lawn mowers!