Te Tauoma – Point England concept plan

Images have been released of the Point England concept plan.

Although it looks pretty and I welcome the Omaru creek enhancements (that Watercare have been working on) and the walkway upgrades (that Auckland Council have been working on) there are some major problems:

  1. 50% of the existing dotterel nesting ground will be replaced with houses (click on the map below).
  2. Northern New Zealand dotterel don’t use wetlands or go near trees, they need open space. However the proposed wetland will be great for the pukeko and spur-winged plover which predate the dotterel.
  3. The houses and pathways will bring people cats and dogs into the area destroying the bird roost. The Tamaki Estuary will loose 50-90% of its remaining shorebirds (mostly South Island pied oyster catchers).

But lets not take my word for it (I am not a ecological scientist). We need an independent ecological impact assessment done before the bill is passed.

Follow the development at savePE.org.nz