Strobe vs video light

With video lights increasing in power some underwater photographers are wondering if they should skip the strobes and go for more expensive videos lights that deliver a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) photographic experience. Here I test a Sea & Sea YS-D3 II Strobe and a BigBlue 36000-Lumen Pro Video light. See testing setup photo above with lamp on which was turned off for the test. Settings: 1/250, F14, ISO 100 on an exposed and fogged up Laowa Probe Lens with no focusing light.

YS-D3 II Strobe only on left hand side. Full power manual no focus light, default diffuser on.
BigBlue 36000-Lumen Pro Video only on right hand side. Full power.
Strobe on left video light on right.

They seem to be about equal power which is interesting as I would have thought I would get more power from the strobe which has a guide number of 33. The difference in colour temperature is negligible with white balance set to auto (YS-D3 II Strobe = 5,800k, BigBlue 36000 = 6,500k).

I think its safe to call the YS-D3 II Strobe a 36,000 lumen light.