Alternative words for environmental terms

I really like this list of alternative words for environmental terms, offered by George Monbiot & Ralph Steadman. I have rebuilt it in HTML with some additions and deletions, I plan to evolve it over time.

Existing termsWhat’s wrong with itAlternative terms
EnvironmentCold, technical
Seen as seperate
The natural world
Global warmingWarm sounds pleasantGlobal overheating
Ecosystem servicesAnthropocentric and reductiveLife support systems
Nature reserve‘reserve’ suggests coldnessWildlife refuge
Habitat destruction
Biodiversity loss
Sounds like they are happening to themselvesEcocide
ConservationPreserving what little is left rather than rebuilding living systems (New Zealand needs a department of Restoration)Restoration
Clean rivers / seasSounds too hygienic, is blind to waters as habitatsThriving rivers / seas
Fossil fuelsSuggests redundancyDirty fuels
Sustainable developmentGreen growth is an oxymoronRegenerative development
PhotopollutionToo technical, doesn’t indicate what is being impactedEcological light pollution
StormwaterSuggests that the water is unwanted, unnecessary or unsavouryRainwater
Fish stocksSuggests fish are here to serve usWild fish populations
Biofoul, foul, foul groundSuggests there is something ugly about biogenic habitatsSea life, seafloor life, benthic epifauna
FishingCasual everyday activityKilling native wildlife
Bait fishImplies the fish exist to be baitSmall schooling fish / forage fish / small pelagic fish / shoaling fish
Bait ballImplies the fish exist to be baitTight ball of fish
SeaweedsPest connotationsOcean plants
Mobile bottom contact fishingImplies a light touch(Mobile) Bottom impact fishing