Pest Monitoring

Monitoring Tunnel (S6) Selwyn Bush 24 March 2114

Monitoring cards Selwyn Bush March 2014
Monitoring cards Selwyn Bush March 2014

Selwyn Map

MY IDs: Using this guide
S1 –
S2 Rat
S3 Rat & Hedgehog
S4 Hedgehog
S5 Mouse
S6 Mouse & Rat (confirmed by Camera Trap)
S7 –
S8 Rat
S9 Rat
S10 –

This gives us a an Autumn result for 2014 of 56% Rat, 22% Mice, and 22% Hedgehog.

Wax Tags
Wax Tags Small
These are only ones with marks, note S10 had no wax tag. I assume because of the ink markings and camera data they were both mouthed by rats. I am surprised there is any wax left on S6 given the amount of times the rats ran unto/past the tag (camera observations). On further inspection I think S6 is the only conclusive rat bite. Next time we should leave these out for 7 nights.