Pakuranga Creek

Found this trash pile here whilst exploring the Pakuranga creek. Will let the Watercare Harbour Clean-Up Trust guys know about it and offer to help. UPDATE We did, 11 Garbage bags of trash. It will be interesting to see what it looks like in a month or so to see how fast stuff is building […]

Watercare Harbour Clean-Up Trust

Today I went out on the Watercare Harbour Clean-Up Trust boat. We set off at a leisurely pace from downtown auckland in a rugged little boat (they are getting a new one next month) and headed under the Harbour Bridge out to the entrance to the Whau river. We kayaked over to Pollen Island and […]

Pest Control

After being trained to do pest control for Auckland Council. I have joined the Selwyn Bush roster (only 14 traps sites). The people at Conservation Volunteers seem to do a lot to help but I should help them make a web app as the data entry is pretty painful. 

Otara Creek Leak

I found this wastewater pipe leaking into the Otara creek this morning. I have reported it to Watercare. UPDATE: A contractor called me to help him find the pipe. No idea if he did. UPDATE: Not leaking anymore

Scaly contamination

I am used to seeing icky contaminated run off like this. From here. UPDATE: I think this is bubbling up from landfill (we have over 200 different sites around Auckland City). I have asked Auckland Council about it. But this is just weird, it dries hard. Like the mud is covered in milky ice. I […]

Powerhouse Civil

I was looking for erosion sites when I saw Powerhouse Civil actually dumping material into Tamaki Estuary here. I will let Auckland Council know tomorrow. UPDATE: (2 Weeks later) Rowan from By-Laws called me and is referring it to a pollution dept.


I didn’t really get how zinc from galvanised roofs could be poisoning the estuary until I made this map. I found a presentation by Marcus Cameron which suggests that sites the source (the head of the estuary) are trending up (more zinc). At the same stormwater conference Judy Anne Ansen showed a pie chart on […]

My Nursery

READY TO PLANT 1 Karaka Trees (grown from urban seed) GROWING 2 Karaka Trees (grown from urban seed) 3 Locquet Trees (grown from urban seed) 10 Carex Lessoniana (bought – will divide) 8 Passionfruit plants (grown from stray seedlings) 1000 Pohutakawa seeds (grown from local seeds) CLONING 16 Pear Trees (cloned from urban source) 6 […]