Night counts

I have been counting a lot of birds lately trying to build a solid picture of how the shorebirds use the Tāmaki Estuary. In addition to regular wader counts I decided to try and also count them at night as they might use the roosting areas differently. After testing various devices including long exposure photography […]

How to read coloured bird bands

Here is a one page instructional guide on how to read coloured bird bands. Band observations should be sent to Many birds now have ELFs (Engraved Leg Flags) sightings of ELFs on New Zealand dotterel (even if you can not read the letters on the flag) should also be sent to the Department of […]

A decoy dotterel

I have been working with Northern New Zealand dotterel (NNZD) for nearly five years now. I know this bird really well but I had to look a lot closer when I decided to try and make a decoy. Southern New Zealand dotterel (SNZD) are in big trouble with a small and declining population. I decided […]


The population of any given species needs to be strong enough to handle destructive natural and made made events. Without this resilience one event can wipe a species of the face of the planet forever. In New Zealand our rarest endemic breeding bird is the New Zealand fairy tern. With a population of only 40 […]