Australian fairy tern decoys

After talking about my New Zealand fairy tern decoys I was approached by Australian conservationists about making decoys to attract Australian fairy tern. Although they are the same species they have brighter beaks and shorter eye patches so I modified the paint job a bit. The biggest difference between the sub-species seems to be that they flock together to nest. I imagine this will make the decoys more effective for this subspecies.

I lowered the design so it looks more like they are incubating, hopefully they will still turn into the wind ok. Photos below of the birds without spikes below.

Pros vs Cons app

I am scoping a project I would like to build as a web app. To get an idea of how much work was involved in creating one I made a quick test app and published it here on the Apple App Store. Given my skill set the design work was a small part of the job (12%), CSS & JS was three times more (38%) and the rest of my time was spent on new stuff to do with getting the app to run on an iPhone (60%). I can probably halve that on my next project but it was a lot harder than I expected.

It’s a fun app, you can make lists like this 😀

Ethical Shopper

My wife and I helped with the design of

Our first order arrived just as expected but with a surprise free gift :D
Our first order arrived just as expected but with a surprise free gift 😀

If more people ate Organic, Fairtrade, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Locally Produced and Non-GMO food the world would be a better place.