Pest Monitoring

Monitoring Tunnel (S6) Selwyn Bush 24 March 2114

Monitoring cards Selwyn Bush March 2014
Monitoring cards Selwyn Bush March 2014

Selwyn Map

MY IDs: Using this guide
S1 –
S2 Rat
S3 Rat & Hedgehog
S4 Hedgehog
S5 Mouse
S6 Mouse & Rat (confirmed by Camera Trap)
S7 –
S8 Rat
S9 Rat
S10 –

This gives us a an Autumn result for 2014 of 56% Rat, 22% Mice, and 22% Hedgehog.

Wax Tags
Wax Tags Small
These are only ones with marks, note S10 had no wax tag. I assume because of the ink markings and camera data they were both mouthed by rats. I am surprised there is any wax left on S6 given the amount of times the rats ran unto/past the tag (camera observations). On further inspection I think S6 is the only conclusive rat bite. Next time we should leave these out for 7 nights.


I found this old thing on my hard-drive. Might help me get focused.Why I should dedicate some serious time to Biodiversity
I think the obvious answer is a wetland because those environments were hardest hit buy farmers. Tho interestingly I do not know much about threatened wetland species. Our rivers and shorelines face a lot of commercial & recreational pressure. A wetland also sits at an interesting intersection:

  • When I visit forests I hear a lack of quality in the silence (lack of bird life)
  • When I drive through the countryside I see a lack of quality in the monotonous monocultures.
  • When I kayak in NZ, the water feels empty. I think for me — quality is biodiversity and the water is overfished and often polluted.

It would be magic if I could fill all three buckets with one hose.

Revive our Gulf

Pretty proud to be helping with this project. A little bit of coms strategy and photography but mostly branding, visualisation and web work so far.

Revive our Gulf
Without the filtering power of mussel reefs the waters of the Hauraki Gulf have become murkier and more vulnerable to the effects of inappropriate/poorly managed land.



House Above the Sea

House Above the Sea
The House Above the Sea

My Grandmother found a book of my Grandfathers ‘The House Above the Sea’ by Ronald Lockley. Lockley was a keen environmentalist and lived just down the road from me in Glendowie. I haven’t found a book worth my full attention in years and I devoured it in a few days. His observations of my local flora & fauna are both insightful and moving. I have never read a book before where I actually know the characters, not just the birds and bugs, but the places, organisations and even the odd person! Somehow the book was even more special wondering what my Grandfather (who was quite the adventurer) thought of his rambling observations. My next walk through Tahuna Torea will be with wiser eyes.