An ASAP experiment designed to generate hunches not scientific facts. This experiment is designed to answer: Is settlement attempted on filamentous structures around the Bastion reef? What kind of organic substrates do spat like? What size mesh best protects the spat from predators? Does raising the bed help settlement? (Presumably from sediment effects). How many […]

Things Aucklanders can do to help the Hauraki Gulf

Inspired by some recent conversations, I put together this list (in no particular order). Things Aucklanders can do to help the Hauraki Gulf Have fun and do good with Voluntours Join an event in your area Look for and photograph invasive pests and post them here Survey your favourite spots Do restoration at […]


If I really care about biodiversity and 95% of described species are invertebrates then I am spending too much time with birds. Tho based on a talk I heard at the Zoological Society we don’t know how to look after them yet. The things we do to protect birds also help the insects (removing rodents […]

Browns Island Mussel Reefs

Or what is left of them! Even the oysters are swamped by mud from the Tamaki estuary. Wikipedia needs updating: “The flatter areas to the west have very large part submerged mussel beds which extent out 100 m (328 ft) from the shore preventing easy landing”. Now the exposed rocks are surrounded by thick mud.

Mission Bay Mussel Reefs

I was very pleased to see so many green lipped mussels here. I thought it might be interesting to survey them as there size and abundance are good indicators for how a restored reef might manage this close to Auckland City. REEF 1 (huge composite photo) REEF 2 (huge composite photo) I saw the odd […]